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About OZworks Group

Envision a community centered around Opportunity Zone execution, where every client and resource you ever needed was vetted and delivered directly to you – all you have to do is participate. At OZworks Group we are all connected and you are both a receiver and a resource, all at the same time. This virtual network personally connects you with all of the resources you’ll need to execute your OZ projects. Through OZworks Group you’ll have multiple options to engage in private and/or group education, training, and coaching. Our network is cultivated by trained facilitators who will get to know your project and connect you with operators, managers, investors, developers, grant writers, and more.

The OZworks Group Platform

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As a member of OZworks Group you’ll have access to a group of specialists with decades of collective knowledge. These experts have been assembled into our single, facilitated virtual network for you to easily access and gain the support you need for maximizing your Opportunity Zone potential.
An important part of the OZworks Group member experience is gaining access to our expert facilitators, known as Connectors. Connectors conduct group meetings and coaching sessions. They use years of business acumen , expert leadership skills and passion for mentoring to support your Opportunity Zone project in reaching it’s full potential so you can achieve success in ways that takes years to accomplish alone. At OZworks Group we have hand – picked an elite group of ac complished Opportunity Zone experts who help investors, developers, and municipalities execute Opportunity Zone projects at the highest level.

OZworks Group offers a variety of membership perks that include:

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